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year one

Wow, man. A whole year! Didn’t see that one coming, huh? It’s been an absolutely wild ride this past year. Lots of hits, lots of misses, lots of tears, lots of cheers. This got sappy real quick. Let me recalibrate.

When I started Ten Three, I didn’t have very many expectations. I thought I’d be like one of the many shops that popped up, advertised a few times, and then disappeared into the ether. That’s how things tend to go for me. What I didn’t anticipate was an explosive launch, whirlwind holiday season, and a thousand orders all within my very first year of business. Wow.

So this is me, taking a bit of time out to say thank you. Thank you thank you thank you to every single one of you who purchased things from me, who took time out of your life to review things, who helped me test and test and test products. Thank you to the critics who light a fire under my ass and thank you to the fans who fill my heart with so many warm fuzzy things I literally feel nauseous. Every one of you has a purpose. And every one of you is valuable.

For the next year, I hope to grow the shop even more! With the anniversary launch comes the new, grain-free salve formula. And several new flavors! Whoohoo! Additionally, you can now leave reviews right on the site! Pretty cool, right?

I have so much lined up that I want to share with y’all, but I have to remember not to overexert myself. For instance – I actually have about 25 flavors to roll out eventually and I almost thought about launching them all at once. Then I came to my senses. But rest assured, everything cool will eventually come out and I hope you guys stick with me through year two!

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