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The Blackest of Fridays

This is but a portion of the inventory I whipped up for the first batch of orders to go out.

This is but a portion of the inventory I whipped up for the first batch of orders to go out.

*claws her way out from beneath a mountain of balm tubes* WHAT YEAR IS IT?! DO WE HAVE HOVERCARS YET?

I have been unreasonably busy the past week or so, and it’s all because of Black Friday. I thought, innocently enough, belly full of turkey and sweet potatoes, that my wee shop and its new baby smell wouldn’t attract much attention. After all, bigger shops were having bigger sales. This means, of course, preparing for twenty-five orders would suffice. That’s plenty!, I thought, In fact, let’s open a bit early so Britney can see the stuff she wanted to get, like a pre-sale!

And then the orders came.

Not with a whisper, but with a bang. Order upon order, one after the other, making my phone chime the mockingjay whistle so often I had to silence it to avoid post-turkey glaring. And then, I thought–I’ve made a huge mistake. I wasn’t ready. I should just close up and call a mulligan and pretend I hadn’t attempted to be a shop owner.

But I didn’t close, and the orders didn’t stop. They didn’t really slow until the last day of November. I was pretty much frozen with abject horror at the sheer volume of orders. Within that 4-day sale (technically 4 and a half with my opening early), I had more sales than I’d gotten the previous two months of being open combined. IN FOUR DAYS.

Guys. That’s huge.

Slowly, I’ve worked my way through the sea of nearly 200 orders. I’ve gotten down to less than half to go, and I’ve stocked up on everything I need for the remaining Black Friday orders so that I simply have to pull and pack. It’s been exhausting. My legs ache from sitting for hours. My right shoulder aches from pouring. I’ve missed out on many hours of sleep because my brain tells me I need to get up and get back to work. I’ve taken days off of my job-job in order to fill things. I missed a Christmas party with free booze.

Honestly, wouldn’t change a thing.

This insanity has really shown me that I do want to do this full-time, and I do want to focus on the shop. I had the goal of doing Ten Three full-time by 2016, and you guys seem to be fast-tracking me on that. So, for that, and for the crazy amount of sales I received, every kind word, and every glowing review, I thank you sincerely. Now let’s talk fun sales stuff!

BY FAR the best-selling salve stick was Cocoa Puffs. One of you bought six. SIX! The best-selling smudge stick? Naughty List. It outsold Nice List nearly 2 to 1. You naughty minxes. The favored sparkle stick by a rather large margin was Yukon. I don’t blame you guys; that one’s my favorite, too. And you’re still buying the crap out of Damn Fine Coffee and The Bubbler.

Changes are coming down the pipeline for Ten Three, and I am hoping that y’all will think it’s for the better. The learning curve here is sharp and I’m trying not to roll this car. Announcements will come soon, stay tuned!

The guardians of the goods humbly request you shop again soon!

The guardians of the goods humbly request you shop again soon!

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