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Behind the Collection: Howl O’Ween

I thought it might be fun to provide a bit more insight into collections and why things are named the way they’re named. I won’t do it for every collection, or every product, but I hope what I do share is at least a little bit entertaining!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I knew I had to do something to commemorate it. On the other hand, I wasn’t willing to push back the release of the Bad Bitch Collection. So I devised a plan–mini collections! Mini collections will be collections that are around for a limited time, and only have a limited amount of colors. They won’t be as predictably released as the larger collections and I may go for quite some time without doing minis. But let’s talk about a couple of shades from the very first mini collection–Howl O’Ween!


That Goat Got Devil Eyes!

Once upon a time, way back in high school, my bff/sister and I would prompt her little brother to do his Brian Fellow impersonation, and the one segment that really stuck with us was the one with the goat. Brian Fellow decided that the goat had devil eyes. Why? Because he’s Brian Fellow.

I really couldn’t tell you why this sketch is so hilarious to me, but even so many years later, I think of it and crack myself up. Most of the Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet sketches were great, but that goat…It was just the best. The internet seems to agree with me.

Watch the sketch here!



Horror movies mean an enormous amount to me. I grew up watching them with my mom because she was a huge fan. I probably saw more R-rated movies as a toddler than I have as an adult. And for me, werewolves are the coolest supernatural creatures around. Sorry, vampires.

As soon as I saw An American Werewolf In London, I knew it was the pinnacle of werewolves for me. The only movie that’s ever even come close is Ginger Snaps. So when I heard a sequel was being made, I was excited! And my favorite band at the time was contributing to the soundtrack! Bush AND werewolves? Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

And then Paris happened. It’s not good. Apologies if you like it but…it just really is bad. But hey, Bush’s remix to Mouth was still great! So when thinking about Halloween, I immediately thought of Mouth.


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