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Ten Three Labs is an indie cosmetics company featuring vegan, cruelty-free products lovingly made by hand.


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Some of the terminology can be a bit confusing, I know. So, here’s a quick primer!

Salve stick: A lip balm! If you’re so inclined, you could probably rub it on your cuticles. But definitely put it on your mouth.

Saucebox sheen: Something in the middle of being a liquid lipstick and a lip gloss.

Sparkle stick: a tube of salve with a ridiculous amount of glitter mixed in. Put it on your mouth or anywhere else you want to sparkle, but you assume the risk of sparkling yourself up.

Yep! All the ingredients are vegan. Whoohoo!

Since I’m not tackling the world of skincare, I assumed the obvious answer was yes. However, since I don’t like leaving things unresearched, a quick bit of googling led me to a list of potential gluten ingredients. Based on this list, the only possible offense I’ve got is Vitamin E, which is found in the lip balms and tinted balms. However, the Vitamin E I use is mixed with a soy-based oil, not grain. Hooray!

Humans are animals, so technically yes. But in the sense of testing on small animals such as bunnies, rats, monkeys, etc. – no way, never ever. I order from companies that do not animal test, and I don’t partake in animal testing myself. My testers are all human, and they’re volunteers. Some are more volunteery than others.

Eye/lip safe glitter as regulated by the FDA does not exist. They do not currently approve ANY glitters for use on your face, even if you buy said glitter product from Sephora or Ulta. That said, cosmetic-grade glitter does exist. This means the makeup of the glitter is different than, say, craft glitter. DO NOT EVER USE CRAFT GLITTER ON YOUR FACE. If you’re going to use glitter, ALWAYS ensure that it’s cosmetic-grade. I use cosmetic-grade glitters, if a glitter is present in a product. I personally have no problems with cosmetic glitter on my eyes or lips, but it’s your personal choice to use it or not. Items with glitter will be clearly marked.

If you have a custom scent or salve you’d like me to try and make for you, please feel free to shoot me an email! We can discuss your request in detail. Custom orders take longer, so please be aware of that.

If you wish to place an order for wholesale, please contact me via email to discuss details. The wholesale discount amount depends upon the amount being purchased, so in order to receive a price quote, you’ll need to know about how many salves or scents you’ll need.

As long as your first order hasn’t been marked as shipped, there’s still a chance to combine orders. Send me an email with the order numbers of what you’d like combined and I’ll do what I can. This will push your order back, though. For my own sake, I’d really appreciate it if you combined three orders max; any more than that and the shipping costs explode because it’ll likely be rather heavy.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not receive free shipping for combined orders totaling over $50.

All orders receive a gift with purchase! Orders under $40 will receive a sample size scent, while orders $40 and over will receive either a deluxe sample size or two regular samples. This price is before factoring in shipping and after any discounts. If you combine orders, I’ll send the size that corresponds to the combined price. For instance, if your first order is $15 and your second is $11, you’ll receive the sample size. If your first order is $11 and your second order is $30, you’ll receive the deluxe size or two samples.

You’ve found the secret code! Okay, it’s not really a secret – LABTECH is a code automatically applied for every member of the lab tech program. What’s that, you ask? Lab techs are frequent buyers; once you’ve made five orders with the lab, you automatically become a lab tech. This frequent buyer reward gives you an additional 5% off every future order! That’s my way of saying thanks so much to loyal customers.

Payment & Shipping

I accept all major credit cards and Paypal. Paypal is preferred due to ease of use.

I ship via USPS. It is cheaper than other options for smaller packages. For larger packages, I may choose to use UPS. Usually you will receive a tracking notice. However, credit card orders may not receive one.

I do! Unfortunately, international shipping is quite a bit more expensive than domestic shipping. I’m so sorry, international buyers.

The current turnaround time is 18-21 business days. This doesn’t include weekends or postal holidays. Occasionally, delays happen, and hopefully you’ll be understanding of this. Please check the official TTL Twitter account @tenthreelabs to see if I’ve mentioned anything about a delay. If there’s no information there, and your package hasn’t arrived after 21 business days for domestic orders, or 28 business days for international, please email me and let me know!

Tracking information for your order usually updates after being scanned upon pickup and sorting. When you receive a shipping email, that means the label has been PURCHASED. It does not mean the package is physically already on its way. I purchase my labels 24-72 hours prior to shipping, but sometimes delays happen, such as a missed pickup or personal reasons. Please allow up to 72 hours for the tracking to update.

For packages that started moving but got stuck, please allow additional time for the package to move. Sometimes, other post offices don’t scan packages individually even if the package is on the move. This is especially true of international orders. Most of the time, USPS doesn’t tell me much more than they have in the tracking listing. If your package gets stuck for more than two weeks domestic or four international, please contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

You will receive an order completed email when your order has been packed up and labeled for shipping. Don’t panic – it DOES NOT mean that your order has been delivered. It just means that it’s finished and waiting patiently for a package pickup.

Given the nature of the products I make, returns aren’t a possibility. If you have a problem with a product you’ve received, please don’t hesitate to email and let me know. I’ll do what I can to make sure your order is right.

I really hope this isn’t necessary! However, if something is wrong with your order, please contact me to let me know. If we can’t come to some kind of compromise (sending out a replacement, etc.), then I’ll be more than happy to issue a refund.

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds are only for defective/missing/otherwise damaged products. I do not offer refunds for not liking a scent/salve.

At this time, I don’t offer a special shop-wide discount for bloggers. However, if you are a blogger and want to place an order, please email me with information about your blog and I’ll offer a personal discount code.

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