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Ten Three Labs was borne out of the need to do something with my time that involved makeup but didn’t involve me actually putting said makeup on myself. Since I like mixing colors and I like making other people look purdy, I thought, hey, I could make makeup! I love Shiro! I love Hello Waffle! I COULD DO THAT!

I started poking around the Indie Makeup and More subreddit, and after a few weeks, I worked up the nerve (and the money) to buy sample micas and start fiddling around with shades. Several months later, here we are!

The name “Ten Three Labs” refers to a date that means a lot to me. My mother’s birthday was 10/3. and I’ve always thought it sounded cool. Apparently, Hollywood thinks so, too–October 3rd pops up often as a random date listed! Most notably, October 3rd has become Mean Girls Day due to Aaron Samuels not owning a calendar. Naming my venture after her seemed fitting. I think she would be proud of me.

The Ten Three Team


All The Roles

Hi. I make everything. I’m the one mixing micas, formulating scents, maintaining the site, packing your orders, shipping them out, and handling customer service. I also write and maintain a publishing company. It is tiring. I might be insane.


Ten Three Mascot

Fancy doesn’t really do anything remotely helpful, but she’s pretty cute, right?