about ten three labs

Ten Three Labs began in 2014 after founder Cara discovered the Indie Makeup and More subreddit. Initially created to sell eyeshadows and lip balms, the lab branched into scent creation as well. Now, most of the lab’s focus lies within scents and salves.

The name “Ten Three Labs” refers to a date that means a lot to Cara. Her late mother’s birthday was 10/3, and Ishe’s always thought it sounded cool. Apparently, Hollywood thinks so, too–October 3rd pops up often as a random date within movies! Most notably, October 3rd has become Mean Girls Day due to Aaron Samuels not owning a calendar.

meet the ten three team!


Ten Three Labs is Cara’s brainchild. She handles most of the things – from product development to customer service to packing orders and getting them out the door. She spends most of her time divided between working as a tutor, writing young adult fiction, and creating things in the lab. Her favorite scent notes are cherry and amber, and she is obsessed with lip balm. She’s a big advocate of equal rights, civil rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and disability awareness.


Newest team member Adrianne acts as public liaison – she handles PR, social media, some marketing, and some of the customer service. She also steps in to help out with order fulfillment as needed.

Licorice Killer

Known as Chubs to her friends, Licorice Killer doesn’t actually do anything productive for the lab. But she’s very cute, so we let her pretend that she’s helping. Licorice Killer enjoys sleeping, clawing the welcome mat, and demanding water from bathroom sinks. She can be found lounging on her favorite blanket or staring at birds on Youtube on her tablet.